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Cloud-Based Software that allows you to put Care First
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Why CareFirst?

CareFirst is more than an attempt at a catchy brand name, it is our guiding philosophy. The carefully constructed specialty-specific forms and their workflows, along with seamless customer communication are at the heart of delivering superior health and wellness care. We put care first.

Like all of the other practice manager vendors, we've got you covered in the claims and billing side of things. Where we take it a step farther is to strive for your practice to maintain an independence from the providers of claims processing and billing by having no dependencies on these systems. You are given the freedom to change claims processing without impacting care delivery since the two are completely decoupled.

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CareFirst Practice Manager: A Complete Solution

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CareFirst and Apex EDI

A Winning Combination

CareFirst partners with Apex EDI as the preferred vendor for all claims processing with 3rd party payers. CareFirst allows your practice to retain full control of your internal patient and customer relationships and records by providing a link to a claims processor that handles only the part of your practice that works with your payers. This way, you are not tied to them since your records are portable and remain in your control.

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Open Source Community Supported

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We are on GitHub

The General Practice version of the CareFirst Practice Manager is availible on GitHub for download. We are excited to share our work with the open source community and look forward to see what you come up with.

Join us in our quest to provide the world's medical community with modern, easy to use, mobile friendly, software.

Our Company

Quality of Care is the reason we're here.

I know that as clinicians, quality of care is your central concern. It is the reason you chose medicine as a career, and it is the driving principle for the way you practice and for your growth as physicians. CareFirst Practice Manager empowers that driving principle of care by removing technical obstacles -- reducing the friction in the process of quality care.

Medical Software For Independent Thinkers

WDean Medical offers the CareFirst Practice Manager for your medical or wellness practice. We know that the world at large does not make it easy for small and medium practices to adopt affordable, easy to use, standards-based software that can grow with your practice. We are not here to serve the big hospitals first and you second. You come first and our software and service show it.

We will personally work with you to have the medical software suite that you always wanted but felt was out of reach to a smaller, possibly unaffiliated practice. Although all of our products are based on proven standards they also are easily customized to fit your practice. Call us and we will be happy to show you around.

Nick Sophinos
Principal and Founder

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Rodolphe Edouard
Founding Engineer

Stanford CS, Ex-IBMer, Seeker of the Way, Lover of all things software, well almost.
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